What I do for you

  • I will create you a website that you can use yourself
  • I will make it look modern, sharp and simple
  • I will help you buy your domain name
  • I will set up your hosting and email
  • I will teach you how to use your website
  • I will help write your copy
  • I will always respect your brand

What I Wont Do to You!

  • I wont register your domain for you - you will have FULL ownership
  • I will not host your website - I will set up your hosting in your name and you will have complete control
  • I will not drown you with tech talk, but I wont leave you feeling stupid either
  • I will not lock you in to me or force you to pay monthly maintenance charges
  • I will not change the way your run your business
  • I will not try and sell you what you simply don't need

Bloke Made Websites

How do we do this?

Call me! Or email me.Before we do anything else or you start hitting buttons, let us talk about what you need and the best way to go about it. I can advise you about buying domain names, hosting, email, making sure you dont pay for stuff you dont need and so on.


I will quiz you about your company and you untill your ears bleed. From that we work out what the website should do for you and what it should look like. Your website is your shop front - it is advertising, at the end of the day, and that is what I am good at.


I will create your site, help you with the copy writing, teach you how to use it and then let you and it loose on the great wild world. And that will be that. You wont be pigeon holed, you wont be tied to me for life and the site is your to do what you like with. Easy.

Stony Websites - hand made websites for small businesses, pubs, news websites, sport clubs, local organisations, charities, blogs, schools...

Web Design and Consultancy by the "Bloke Wot Does Websites" for anyone who needs a little more of a personal service.

Web Design

Web Consultancy 
Domain Name Consultancy 
Web Hosting Set Up 
Responsive Websites

Copy Writing

Blog Writing
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Contact Me

Phone 01908 561 472
Email: [email protected]

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